Al Roaya Al Methaleya Scientific Bureau in Iraq is a business entity registered and approved by Iraqi Ministry of Health (MOH) and Syndicate of Pharmacists to represent foreign international pharmaceutical companies and manufactures of medical supplies and equipment inside Iraq.
    According to Iraqi MOH regulations act No. 60 0n 02-06-1998; only scientific bureaus can work and act as agents on behalf of foreign pharmaceutical / medical equipment and healthcare companies.
    This legislation is valid in all Iraqi provinces.

    Al Roaya Al Methaleya Scientific Bureau is a private pharmaceutical wholesale business company which was established in Baghdad in early 2013, specialized in marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory products in Iraqi market.
    We are registered in accordance and in compliance with the rules and regulations issued by the syndicate of Iraqi pharmacists and MOH. Our registration No. 123 in 16/2/2013

    Our company is fully focused on developing its core competency of establishing a wide network of relations with the local wholesalers and public entities to feel the real market needs and reach to every single potential customer. Al-Roaya Al Methaleya is dynamic, flexible and progressive company offering products and services supplied by reputable and internationally recognized manufacturing firms.

    We work as one team to make our distinguished and distinct imprint and to have our comprehensive vision realistic with our customers and our staff

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